School Software

A complete pack of school software.

We provide school software

School Management

We provide you school software (ERP) that can be used to manage notification of fees and due date of fees, birthdays of students and many other things.

We provides a very easy to use, customizable and accessible student information management system with all required powerful tools for admission, teaching, assessments, and evaluation. This complete integrated SIS supports dynamic reports, real-time notifications & outstanding mobility support for academic & administrative processes. Successfully empower and engage students to innovate. So teach up for excellence.

School ERP Software

The school ERP can do
  • Finance  Management
  • Library Management
  • Examination & Evaluation
  • Student Progress Timeline
  • Student Master Information
  • Student Attendance
  • Teacher Management
  • Fee Management
  • HR Management

School Attendance

The attendance software also comes with some hardware id cards so that there’s no need of manually taking of attendance of the masses.

Manually taking attendance and registering it in files & musters makes the daily attendance a mundane task for the faculty and unnecessarily consumes classroom time.

To overcome such inefficient work processes, there are various school software systems available to speed up the attendance process and reduce manual work. An attendance software or digital attendance platform is one of them, which is developed to automate the daily attendance in schools. Additionally, it helps to maintain accurate records and generate summarized student attendance reports.

Online Class Software

We also provide ready to use online class software like zoom meeting and byjus.

Virtual Classroom have become an integral part of learning and evaluation is an essential part of the teaching-learning process, thus Mentorboy Online Assessment software to conduct units tests.


For Owner

Mentor boy helps you in every important decision.  Operational insight, academic performance or financial management.

For Administration​

An integrated dashboard for all related business areas. Class or stream wise fees paid or pending status, teacher, student, non-teaching staff performance.

For Principal

Mentor boy helps you in manage all the main work, Academics management, attendance & Examination management.

For Teacher​

Manage all your task at one place, manage class information, monitor attendance report of students, create online exam and customized question paper generator, computerized mark sheet, grades & certificate, quality interaction with parents / students, time table creation and scheduling, analytical reports of students, upload classwork, homework, assignment, notes and syllabus, online attendance of students via mobile & web.

For Student and Parent

One platform for all your communication, academic and learning needs. Student/parent can see classwork, timetable, homework & assignment, computerized marks/grades, attendance & performance reports, examination information, instant messaging with teachers, online fee payment, fee-receipt & fee reminder.