College Software

A complete pack of college management software.

We provide College software

College Management

We provide you College Software (ERP) that can be used to manage notification of fees and due date of fees, birthdays of students and many other things…

College ERP Software

  • Pre Admission Module
  • Student Admission and Information Management
  • Fee Management
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Attendance Management & Academic Monitoring
  • Online Feedback & Analysis
  • Learning Management / Teacher Management
  • Purchase and Stores
  • Finance Management
  • Student Activity Management
  • Event Management
  • Examination Module
  • Examination Seating Plan

College Attendance

The attendance software also comes with some hardware id cards so that there’s no need of manually taking of attendance of the masses.

Online Class Software

We also provide ready to use online class software like zoom meeting and byjus.

Virtual Classroom have become an integral part of learning and evaluation is an essential part of the teaching-learning process, thus Mentorboy Online Assessment software to conduct units tests.

College Software

ERP software will help each department of college to operate with the best output possible with excellent built in features. This software has multiple communication portals between teachers, parent and students. Easy to use interface of the software helps the user to work effectively. All the updates and reporting are instant and also reports generation is super easy. College ERP that can be used to manage notification of fees and due date of fees, birthday of students and many other things. A college management system enables colleges and higher education to manage enrolment, admissions, students, faculty, attendance, fees, scheduling, assignments, grades and library of the institution. It generates automated reports on all aspects for data-driven decision-making.

We provide a very easy to use, customizable and accessible student information management system with all required powerful tools for admission, teaching, assessments, and evaluation. This complete integrated SIS supports dynamic reports, real-time notifications & outstanding mobility support for academic & administrative processes. Successfully empower and engage students to innovate. So teach up for excellence.

College ERP can do

Mentor boy can provide the following benefits to your college. This can be fully customized to serve the needs of your college with more features as well.

Course Finder

Students and parents can search the course they are looking for with all the information on course syllabus.


It can be used by college institutions for useful interactions between teachers, students and parents via e-mail, SMS and more. It is useful for updating the College news and events easily.


Check irregularities in students’ and staffs’ attendance through mentor boy. Managing and maintaining students as well as staff attendance accurately, obtaining details regarding national holidays, leaves availed by students and staff is one of the tasks which software can perform with ease and it saves the time.


It makes enrollment and admission processes more easy. Documents and online submission will be easy that gives an advantage to your from over others.

Lab Manager

It serves as a centre for all lab equipment. Lab timings, list of equipment’s, and lab manuals all the information of lab can be manage.

Online Class

We also provide ready to use online class software like zoom meeting and byzus. Students can make use of site as a centre for information with various study materials available online. Teacher can provide online assignment, works etc.